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Through the Years

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Mt. Vernon Riverfront Amphitheater Dedication Concert - May 2013
Wolfgang Orchestra & Chorus
Dennis A. Noon, Conductor ~ Nancy Noon, Choral Director

The Wolfgang Orchestra and Chorus was originally organized in the summer of 2006 as “Wolfgang Classical Wind Ensemble,” consisting of 17 youth and adult players. ‘Wolfgang’ continued to grow, season by season, and in September 2008 the Wolfgang Singers were added. Now in our 7th year (24th season), Wolfgang has become an Orchestra and Chorus with approximately 75 musicians.

You are invited to join Wolfgang for the Spring Season beginning Jan. 31, 2014. Adult players are expected to have a minimum of 6 years past playing experience, and youth players must audition and study privately. Vocalists are required to have a good voice. Membership acceptance is contingent upon instrumentation and vocal needs as determined by the directors.

Wolfgang has three seasons per year; Spring, Summer and Christmas with final concerts in Mt. Vernon and Evansville, Indiana. Wolfgang goes on vacation for approximately one month between seasons.

Musicians interested in performing with Wolfgang should contact the directors, Dennis or Nancy Noon at 812-838-4481 or danoon@twc.com .

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